The Road to Everywhere: Adventures in Traveling

3. the “catastrophe” hook. one of the most popular hooks for your opening chapter is that of the catastrophe. this…

Trails to Treasures: An Expedition of Wonder and Inspiration

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Discovering the World: A Quest for Culture and Beauty

Let’s look at the 7 areas of your life in which it is important to set goals. 1. career goals.…

Exploring the Unknown: A Traveler’s Journey

Last saturday, while the country commemorated the 176th year of the signing of the treaty of waitangi, our boy started…

Wanderlust Chronicles: Tales from a Globetrotter

Self discovery might sound like a big, intimidating concept, but it’s really just a process of: examining your life figuring…

Roaming the World: A Journey of Adventure and Discovery

2. take a new class. you don’t have to go abroad to expose yourself to new ways of thinking or…

The Explorer’s Journal: Documenting Your Adventures

Webmay 19, 2017 · although missing a connecting flight or losing baggage in a foreign airport is sure to boost your…

Travel Tales Unfold: Discovering New Horizons

Taking a stand at standing rock. by david archambault ii. aug. 24, 2016. 137. kim ryu. near cannon ball, n.d.…

Cultural Connections: Building Bridges Through Travel


The Ultimate Adventure: Exploring the World’s Wonders

Webexplore the great barrier reef from above and below with evolution’s ultimate adventure package, the best way to experience the…